The Great British Cheese Company

The Great British Cheese Company

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When we think Cheese, we think of quality, artisan-made products that can be appreciated by all. This is why we want the name ‘The Great British Cheese Company’ to become synonymous with award-winning quality.

The tantalising flavours to the tastes of our childhoods where cheese on toast carried not only the cheese flavour but textures that caused us all to fall in love with the product is what we aim to bring back! As a nation of cheese lovers (the posh name is Turophile), we have become accustomed to bland, mass-produced products. This is our main driving force and passion. With this behind us, we teamed up with our residential, Master Cheesemaker who’s had the skills passed from generation to generation since 1875! In this nothing has been lost and not only that, but he is a judge in the International Cheese Awards, but not our own categories.

Cheese is life, and our cheese is as you used to know it. That is what drives us to become the Multi-award winning company you have grown to be part of. Cheese is not just an ingredient but should be the main feature of the dish, board or plate!

To ensure this, we not only aim for quality in the product but also in service to our customers and this is why we do not have memberships like other companies as if you like cheese then you are in our club! We also aim to solve any issues as quickly as possible (but this happens rarely). If you do need us, we are available at


Keith and Tom met through a mutual friend and soon found out they enjoyed similar things in life. Good food, especially fine cheeses, we now have two previous winners at The International Cheese Awards, and a love of real ale. Keith had been in the food game all his life, being a deli owner amongst other things, and Tom had travelled extensively broadening his foodie horizons. They decided that with their shared love of cheese that they would start a business aimed at creating, promoting and selling an array of award-winning British cheeses. Lo and behold, The Great British Cheese Company was born!

We now trade at different shows all over Britain and also at several Christmas markets and our aim is to help the public enjoy our love of wonderful British cheese. Hopefully, we’ll meet you on our journey…

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