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We’re passionate about fine quality hand cut cheeses in new and unusual flavours. The Cheese Board is based in Manchester but if you’re a regular visitor to some of the UK’s top food festivals then you might have seen us or sampled some of our hand-cut cheeses.

We have a range of cheeses to suit all tastes and also stock a selection of chutneys which sit together perfectly. Our cheeses include unusual flavours such as Chip Shop Curry which really excite, and sometimes confuse, your tastebuds!

Our Story

Trading since June 2010 The Cheese Board is well known for hand cut cheeses.

We try to select unique flavours that you normally can’t find in supermarkets and as each slice is hand cut you’ll find that every purchase is unique.  Our passion for flavour also extends to our range of preserves.

We’ve regularly attend agricultural shows, food and drink festivals, flower and horticultural shows, fayres, continental street markets and Christmas markets where you can always enjoy a sample before buying your favourite.

If you’re a regular visitor to the Christmas markets in Manchester or Exeter you might recognise us as we’ve been regulars at both markets since 2012 and 2014 respectively.

Perhaps you’ve found us after being given some of our products as a gift?  If so you’ll be delighted to discover the rest of our range.

It’s fair to say that our cheeses are famous across the UK, their different textures, colours and flavours have travelled the nation.  Our pop up stalls have visited Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Aberdeen and even Stornaway.  We’ve taken our flavours on many a tour including all major food and drink festivals in towns and cities such as Sunderland, York, Southport, Oxford, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester, Kilmarnock, Glasgow, Bromley, Ilkey and many more.

Our hand cut cheeses are weighed to 170/200G each and despite their unique flavours and appearences each slice is priced at just £3 each or 5 for £12.  Our cheese can be kept for up to 3 months unopened and can be frozen for up to 6 months.

Our preserves are sold at £3.95 each or any 3 in their own gift box for £11.  Our preserves are made in small batches to guarantee long shelf life.

If you have the taste for our cheese and would like to share it with your own customers we are able to offer wholesale pricing and sizes, including 1/2 wheels that weigh up to 1kg.

All cheeses are pasteurised unless otherwise stated and are suitable for vegetarians, again, unless stated otherwise.


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