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Our Story

Here at Planet Doughnut, we bake heavenly handcrafted doughnuts that are a little different and simply out-of-this-world. With innovation in mind, we’re constantly pushing taste boundaries to ensure it’s always(!) love at first bite.

We started out in our family garage back in 2017 and thanks to the European Regional Development Fund we were able to secure grant funding to open a brand new bakery and start shipping our doughnuts nationwide.

As a family-owned and operated company, we’re about more than just doughnuts – we aim to put a smile on people’s faces and delight our customers before they’ve even tasted anything. We’re quirky, fun and totally devoted to making our customers happy and baking doughnuts that are ‘hole’-heartedly delicious.


The brainchild of Duncan & Samantha McGregor, Planet Doughnut originally started at their home in Shropshire back in 2017. After six months of recipe creation and concept development, PD doughnuts first began with the team delivering small batches of doughnuts in their own family car.

Fast Forward to today

Today, there’s a menu offering over 60 doughnut flavours distributed from three Planet Doughnut stores, a large number of stockists covering the Midlands and Cheshire area, and a nationwide delivery service. 

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