Llangollen Brewery

Llangollen Brewery

Meet theMAKER


Llangollen Brewery has been one of North Wales’ best-kept secrets –  until now. Our small but perfectly formed brewery began ten years ago when our Master Brewer, brewed the first-ever batch of Llangollen ales and sold our beers exclusively in his pubs.

He honed his craft, working hard to perfect the brewing alchemy that makes our beers so satisfying and unique. We have always crafted our classic and distinctive beers with care and precision and that hard work has paid off.

Visitors and residents of Llangollen have been enjoying Llangollen craft beers for almost ten years but we can’t keep our beers to ourselves any longer. It’s time for us to emerge from the beautiful valleys and make our beers available for anyone to buy – right here online.

Brewing is an ancient and mysterious craft, an art form even, one that is steeped in history and tradition. As far back as the seventh century, Saxon records mention a luxurious Welsh ale, Bragawd; a heavy ale flavoured with spices such as ginger and cinnamon and sweetened with honey. It was highly regarded, as was another Celtic drink, mead, made from fermented honey.

There was a short abeyance when the temperance movement of the 19th century took hold but when this passed, brewing rightfully re-asserted itself as part of Wales’ traditional crafts.

We take it just as seriously. It takes a special kind of magic to produce our Llangollen ales. Our natural and pure ingredients are carefully blended and brewed. Our Master Brewer oversees the process; almost an alchemist, he turns those raw ingredients into the perfect beers we’re delighted to produce. Not quite lead to gold, but certainly a magical and elemental process.


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