Confidence starts with baby swimming

Confidence starts with baby swimming

Meet theBusiness

Water Babies North Wales swim seven days a week at various locations all around North Wales. Our main aim is to teach parents to teach their baby/toddler water safety and water confidence. Each lesson is gently structured and progressive with clear aims and objectives so we can see our little ones improving week on week.  The lessons are lots of fun with carefully planned singing, splashing and bouncing activities but we also teach those all important safety skills within the lessons.

Babies can swim with us at our hydrotherapy pools from birth but little ones can join us at any age and swim with us until just before they turn 6. We put older babies/toddlers into an age-appropriate class so they are surrounded by other children of a similar age.

Become part of our North Wales family! They say you can’t choose your family … or can you? We’re more than just a baby and toddler swimming school; we’re a passionate community dedicated to the wellbeing of our children and their carers. We laugh together, share in each other’s achievements and support each other when things can get a little too much. We’re here to make your world a little bit brighter, filled with heart-warming memories you’ll treasure forever.

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