A Wall that's Edible at Xplore!!

A Wall that’s Edible at Xplore!!

Meet theMAKER

How amazing is Xplore’s Edible Wall!!

Xplore! is working with Farm Urban and BIC Innovation as part of a Wales-wide project bringing vertical urban farming into local communities across Wales.

A brand new edible wall has been installed at Xplore! that uses hydroponics to grow leafy greens, with the produce available to take home on our harvest days.

What’s more, this innovative growing system is being used to educate local school children about urban farming techniques.  Our ‘Feed the Future’ aquaponics workshop challenges learners to build a system that uses fish and water instead of soil to grow plants that we can eat.  Children learn how aquaponics can be used to reduce our environmental impact by letting us grow food all year round, with less waste, less water and where space is limited.

Come to the centre to find out more about hydroponics, or contact bookings@xplorescience.co.uk to book your school workshop today.

This project, Crop Cycle, is being funded by the Welsh Government through the Foundational Economy Challenge Fund.


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